Areas of Investment

Arison Investments aims to create strong financial returns while adding value for individuals, communities,
and humanity.

Our investments are driven by our vision Doing Good is Good Business. At Arison Investments, we look at themes that define challenges facing humanity, and invest in companies that develop innovative solutions to meet these challenges across sectors.

Our investment decisions and long-term strategy are guided by the principals laid out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ESG criteria, The Doing Good Model, and the Arison family’s decades-long philosophy of building economic growth while addressing a range of social needs.

Water/ Forestry

Creating a more sustainable future

Arison Investments makes investment decisions based on sustainable development and environmental responsibility criteria. In accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on climate action, we look at solutions that hold the power to reverse the impact of climate change. We seek to provide electricity to cities in a cleaner way, give access to fresh water to a growing global population, and meet increased demands for wood fiber while safeguarding our precious forests.

Food Tech

Ensuring global food security and plant-based alternatives to meat

Arison Investments is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of zero hunger, guaranteeing that no woman, man, or child goes without proper nourishment. Our investments in Food Tech aspire to enhance global food security and eliminate malnutrition, while increasing the availability of alternative protein sources, to minimize carbon emissions and allow for the mass consumption of healthier products.


Better access to healthcare

Arison Investments believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, and champions the UN SDG of realizing universal health coverage and access to quality healthcare. We look at solutions that address the pressure on national healthcare systems, and resolve the lack of access to basic medical care in weaker communities. We also focus on investments beyond physical and mental healthcare, to include personal wellbeing.


Empowering individuals to succeed and strengthen societies

Arison Investments is committed to inclusive and equitable quality education, which focuses on pupils’ needs and teachers’ empowerment, as well as the technological and infrastructure needs of schools and educational facilities across the globe. We seek to invest in empowering a generation of workers and children with knowledge and skills, to navigate and better shape our fast-changing world.


Transforming cities, increasing access, reducing pollution

Arison Investments is focused on mobility solutions that enhance our accessibility and safety, while increasing public health and reducing pollution. We believe that such solutions will redefine our communities, financial independence, and wellbeing, while allowing for more time to spend on the things that matter most.

Real Estate

Caring for individuals

Arison Investments is committed to prioritizing investments in real-estate projects that expand the range of quality, multifamily, affordable housing. We aim to meet the growing demand, while creating communities that enhance resident satisfaction through new real-estate solutions and technologies that put people first.


Empowering humanity
through technology

Arison Investments is committed to harnessing the power of innovation, which leads to a more productive and efficient means for manufacturing goods, understanding and promoting health, caring for the elderly, and much more. We believe that AI transforms the relationship between people and technology, creating numerous benefits for society. At Arison Investments, we focus on AI and robotic technologies that are both responsible and ethical.

Circular Economy

Limiting resource waste while increasing efficiency

Arison Investments is committed to supporting the development of a circular economy – a system that limits the environmental impact and waste of resources, while increasing efficiency at all stages of the product economy. We focus on investing in companies that seek to produce goods and services in a sustainable manner, while innovating new recycling and processing technologies that transform waste into recycled material for products.

Areas of investment
Arison Investments
Empowering individuals to succeed and strengthen societies
Transforming cities, increasing access, reducing pollution
Caring for individuals
Empowering humanity through technology
Limiting resource waste while increasing efficiency

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