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Creating a Strong Economy with Equally Strong Moral Values

Creating a Strong economy with Equally Strong Moral Values

Arison Investments owner Shari Arison, believes that values-based business solutions based on collaborations between the public and private sectors, can ensure linkage between global shifts and values.

We are experiencing major global changes, occurring at unprecedented speed, as revolutions take place and innovations in technology, renewable energy, and many other fields offer opportunities undreamt of before. Globalization has made it apparent that everything is interconnected, and we are all closely affected as individuals, no matter how distant geographically or culturally.

Earlier this year, KPMG identified ten mega-forces that will have significant impact on growth around the world in the next two decades. These challenges require solutions that will undoubtedly call on both private and public sector resources.

At this stage in history, responsibility falls on each and every one of us to ensure that these global shifts will benefit our world at large. To create long-term positive and sustainable solutions, we need to have more collaboration between the public sector and private one, ensuring linkage between global shifts and values.

Some of the common denominators that can unite and bring people together are basic universal values, such as giving, volunteering, financial freedom, and sustainability that realize people's potential. Each of these exist on individual, societal, and organizational levels and are common across cultures and geographical boundaries.

I lead the Arison Group, comprised of our global business arm, Arison Investments, and our philanthropic entity, The Ted Arison Family Foundation, with a simple, practical vision of Doing Good. We invest in values-based ventures that create a strong economy with equally strong moral values worldwide. This stems from my personal belief that, as more and more people choose to think good, speak good, and do good, together we can create positive change in the world.

Through our work and observations from around the globe, we have seen that it is possible to incorporate values in all levels of business and philanthropy: from launching forums that advance values-based endeavors; to encouraging and supporting employee volunteering; to decision-making on social and business investments.

When looking at a business decision, we are looking at profitability together with the added value to people and planet. We have seen a strong financial return on our investment decisions, but more importantly, we have seen more mobilized and committed employees and partners that are joining together in making a positive impact around them.

As we strive to create a world with a stronger economy, we all must put an equally strong emphasis on values for long standing, sustainable and positive results that bring about good worldwide.

This article was originally written for and posted on Diplomatic Courier, by Shari Arison, Owner of Arison Investments.